Upcoming products: 100 ltrs,210 ltrs barrels, 1000 ltrs IBC tank, Fruits and Vegetables Crates.

About Us

We had a humble beginning in 1987 as JB Industries with just the chemical division. In 2011, we created a plastic division launched under Rama Polycon Pvt. Ltd. and after 5 years, in 2016, we merged both the firms into Rama Polycon Limited. Today, Rama Polycon includes both Chemical and Plastic divisions.

Chemical Division

For over 20 years, Rama Polycon has been manufacturing and exporting chemicals all over the world with customer satisfaction as our main aim.

Some of the chemicals that we manufacture and export include:

  • DSD acid (4-4 di-amino stilbene 2-2 di-sulphonic acid, d.a.s.d.a)
  • dnst (4-4 di-nitro stilbene 2-2 di sulphonic acid, dnsda)
  • nast (4-amino 4-nitro stilbene 2-2 di sulphonic acid, n.a.s.d.a )
  • pntosa (para nitro toluene ortho sulphonic acid, p n t s)
  • optical brightening agents(for Paper, Textile and Detergent industries)
Why choose us for DSD acid, dnst, nast, pntosa?

DSD acid, dnst, nast and pntosa are some of the crucial chemicals that find a wide range of use. For many years, we have raised the bar with our timely delivery of these chemicals. Being an ISO 9001:2015 certified company, you can trust us to provide the best quality chemicals at a competitive price.

Plastic Division

Rama Polycon also has widespread experience in manufacturing plastic containers since 2011. Our main forte is to produce highly durable products manufactured and designed for safe handling, easy storage and transport.

Backed with technical assistance and a competent service support, we offer a wide range of industrial products that include hp hdpe carboys, crates, ppcp buckets, drums, containers, jerry cans etc. to meet various packaging requirements.

We use several processes such as blow moulding and injection moulding to manufacture our avant-garde plastic products. With a focus on global quality standards, we’ve become a brand to reckon with in various niches such as industrial packaging, infrastructure, paint industries, petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, food, agro, dairy, etc.

Our aim is to launch products with futuristic technology for customer delight and satisfaction. We also look forward to work in close quarters with them and provide them a strong, after-sales technical support.